Wednesday, 2 January 2008

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I went to Casino today (31/11/07) and mostly played against Gary's A-Guy and Geejay's A-Gen.

Gary's A-Guy.
He's a smart player, and for the most part uses Guy's weapons effectively. However, at times his poking is predictable which leaves him prone to Cammy's VC. He also fails to utilize Guy's far standing Strong as a poke, nor its ability to hit-confirm into the Level 3 Gourai Kyaku, an important tactic and tactical staple of most Japanese Guy veterans. I think the matches were quite even and close, but I believe I won more than I lost in today's games. He often uses a crouching Jab, which is then cancelled into Roundhouse Bushin Hurricane Kick, as his anti-air. This tactic was able to beat my jumping Roundhouse and jumping Fierce, even after I varied their timing by attacking early or late. However, an early jumping Strong was at times able to beats his crouching Jab anti-air.
He also uses Guy's large jump arc to jump over Cammy in an attempt to flee. Fortunately Cammy's quick foot-speed allows her to walk after Guy as he is landing and tag him with a standing Jab or a standing Strong (with the option of cancelling into a Roundhouse Cannon Spike). It is possible to also use a VC in this situation.

Bushin Gourai Kyaku:
to land this, Gary will combo from a close standing Strong-> close Fierce chain. The Level 1 and Level 2 versions can be punished after blocking, although the Level 1 is easier to do this to. The Level 3 version is completely safe when blocked.

Geejay's A-Gen.
Geejay likes to remain in one style for a long time before switching to another. And while this allows him build up a familarity with the opponent which then allows him to mix-up to the opponent's expectations in another style, this approach limits Gen's tactical options and makes him a lot less fearsome, where the opponent only has to concentrate on fighting one style for a length of time.

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