Wednesday, 2 January 2008

Casino 22/12/07

I was at Casino today. I jumped back and forth between V-Birdie, V-Charlie, A- and V-Claw,V-Cody, A-Blanka, as well as V-Cammy. I hope I'm not spreading myself too thinly with this almost-jack-of-all-trades approach. With six characters? Well, not exactly, but it could make focusing on individual match-up problems that more, albeit slightly, difficult.
The problem of "Well, I don't seem to be doing well in this match, what about switching to another character" rears its head - something I want to avoid. Anyway, I had a successful run with V-Charlie against Hani's V-Akuma and X-Rolento. My A-Blanka managed to accumulate a 12-win streak Victor's RFI (room for improvement) A-Ryu.

I've noticed that I'm fairly reluctant to use V-Cammy in casual play or against weaker players, and I'll only allow her appearance against the main arcade players or a tournament. Of course I want to use her as much as I can, but the faint pull of pride prevents me from doing so. Must fix this.

I've started contacting players for the upcoming Super Versus Battle (love the name) 2008: Heat, TLK. I also managed to acquire the contact number of the now almost-legendary UK Street Fighter player: Damien.

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