Saturday, 24 November 2007

Cammy Evaluation

Reasons why V-Cammy is good choice for high-level play in SFA3:

- long-ranged, damaging VCs, available in anti-air and anti-ground set-ups
- rapid-fire attacks, for hit-confirming.
- a damaging corner VC
- a good normal moveset: standing Roundhouse (guard damage), crouching Forward (reach), cross-up Short, crouching Strong and crouching Roundhouse
- a cross-up loop
- counter hit crouching Strong-> VC is an easy link
- a quick foot-speed
- a true anti-air in the form of her Roundhouse Cannon Spike, which lends itself to setting up okizeme
- a re-charge VC
- a method to escape meaty cross-ups
- can hold her own against the top tier (somewhat).
- can turtle well

Wednesday, 21 November 2007

Sac-hit Part 2

A step-by-step analysis of the above series of pictures.

Picture 1: Sakura uses her close standing Fierce and cancels into her Fierce Shou Ken
Picture 2: Cammy is knocked down.
Picture 3: Sakura positions herself to land a deep cross-up as Cammy wakes up.
Picture 4: Sakura performs a meaty cross-up on Cammy, but as the initial frame of the Cannon Spike is invincible, Cammy avoids being hit and the cross-up misses.
Picture 5: Cammy is now airborne, and is in an ideal state to -- were Sakura's jumping Forward able to hit -- perform a regular Sac-hit escape.
Picture 6: Cammy performs the Cannon Spike away from Sakura. I think, if the Forward version of the Cannon Spike is used, Cammy launches herself well out of harm's way.

Wednesday, 14 November 2007

Combo Movie

Finally got these down, in video form.

Monday, 12 November 2007

Re-charge, Sacrifice Hit

VC2-> Roundhouse Cannon Spike x 5 -> far standing Roundhouse-> whiffed Far standing Roundhouse-> jumping Forward-> crouch cancel-walk towards-> shadow jumping Forward hits-> crouch cancelled jumping Fierce x 4-> far standing Strong-> Roundhouse Cannon Spike.

Enables Player 1 Cammy to re-charge the gauge to 40%. For Player 2, you must perform the following:

VC2-> Roundhouse Cannon Spike x 5 -> far standing Roundhouse-> whiffed Far standing Roundhouse-> jumping Forward-> crouch cancel-walk-> shadow jumping Forward hits-> crouch cancel jumping Short-> crouch cancel-walk backwards-> vertical jumping Roundhouse-> crouch cancel jumping towards Roundhouse x 2-> far standing Strong-> Roundhouse Cannon Spike. This results in one less jumping attack (gauge value = 9), for about 35% of the gauge charged.


At the time of writing, the combo has not been performed in a competive scenario. But it must be noted, that in Training Mode on the Fighter's Generation version of Street Fighter Zero 3, the dummy was unable to air recover from this combo on several occasions. Obviously this VC needs a lot more exposure and testing for it to become as commonplace as Charlie and Sakura's post-VC set-ups, but so far, it looks promising. The Player 2 variation that I've come up with needs more modification as it is flawed in two ways: 1; upon completion not enough of the gauge is charged, and 2; does not leave the opponent cornered.

- Sac-hit -
Or Sacrifice hit or Zero Frame Mid-air Waza (0フレ空中技):
Luckily, Cammy has access to such a move, and it is her Cannon Spike. However, this move does not have the same properties as other Sac-hit moves. Namely, the property of being airborne on its intial or start-up frame, in the way Ryu's Hurricane Kick is. Cammy becomes airborne on the first frame count after the move has been executed. So in theory, Cammy should not be able to use this as a Sac-hit because she is still grounded, and the move that makes contact with her - the cross-up, in this case - should place Cammy into a grounded hit-stun. But this does not happen, because the Cannon Spike is invincible from its initial frame till the fifth, causing the cross up to whiff.

What is also unique to this type of Sac-hit, is that it is not really a Sac-hit at all. Because nearly all moves of this type require the waking-up opponent to be hit during their move, hence the name. Cammy's is different because when she uses the Cannon Spike as a wake-up attack, and in a Sac-hit fashion, she will kick into the air and travel away from the opponent, escaping unscathed.

Saturday, 3 November 2007


japan's biggest street fighter zero 3 tournament. i am planing to go to this!

Friday, 2 November 2007

bread and butter

after much dilly-dallying, i've settled on what should be cammy's main vcs.

anti-ground #1:
roundhouse cannon spike-> far standing strong-> whiffed standing roundhouse-> spiral arrow-> roundhouse cannon spike [far standing strong-> whiffed short spiral arrow-> standing fierce-> roundhouse cannon spike] x n

anti-ground #2:
spiral arrow-> roundhouse cannon spike [far standing strong-> whiffed short spiral arrow-> standing fierce-> roundhouse cannon spike] x n

anti-air #1: standing fierce/far standing strong/far standing jab/close standing fierce-> cannon spike->

A: [roundhouse arrow-> standing roundhouse-> roundhouse cannon] x n
B: [far standing strong-> whiffed short spiral arrow-> standing fierce-> roundhouse cannon spike] x n
C: [far standing strong-> whiffed standing roundhouse-> spiral arrow-> roundhouse cannon spike ] x n. A or B preferably: sequence C is not that damaging and has a tendency to go slightly "off course", forcing you to adjust. not fun needed.


far standing fierce: standard starter. timing varies (how quickly you cancel into the cannon) depending on what you'll follow with. quickly for B, slightly slower for A.

far standing strong you can land you anti-air vc for a lot farther away. the same timing rules as the FSF apply here.

far standing jab: for when you need a quicker starter.

close tanding fierce: juggles a lot higher than there, save perhpas the FSS. easier timing to follow with an arrow.

the first vc works rather well against all characters except for birdie, cody and zangief, where the spiral arrow after the whiffed is a little unreliable in its hitting success rate. however, this will serve as anti-air too, but with the same problems against BZC. the cannon spike can be linked, which is particularly useful after a counter hit crouching strong (an excellent close-range attack, by the way). i've actually yet to land, counter hit crouching strong-> vc in an actual match, but i've come pretty close. it's something that i'm keen to implement into my game-play. more experience needed. blah, blah, blah.

this vc is also quite flexible as it allows you to alter the sequence from the standing strong-> whiffed spiral set into the [spiral arrow-> standing roundhouse-> roundhouse cannon spike] x n. i'm not sure which of the two does more damage. check back later, but i don't think the difference is that much.

the second vc is mainly used when the first vc type is too far away to hit, and for BZC. due to its superior range (basically the distance of a roundhouse spiral arrow, which is a pretty damn lot), you can use your vc, or even just threaten with it, from a really far distance. at time you may have to vary the sequence, say, with forward spiral arrow-> short spiral arrow; or roundhouse spiral-> short or forward spiral. on the subject of the spiral arrow, there's a something to be aware when useing the roundhouse arrow. if used as a vc-starter and a counter to anticipated longish distanced pokes, be aware, because it is not unlikely for the arrow to hit with just the "knee" part of the move. sometimes this isn't so bad as all it amounts to is little timing adjustment on your part, so be ready for it. but what happened to me fairly recently was the knee part connected, but the opponent was too far away for the rest of the arrow to hit, which made me waste my gauge.


I've finally corrected the Hooligan Combination VC-finisher problem against Zangief and Birdie; all i had to do was use the Jab version of the move. Who would have thought, eh?

I'm also getting better at the standing Strong-> whiffed Short Spiral Arrow VC. I am going to need this VC, if i am to beat even mediocre Zangief players.

I played against Geejay's A-Gen last week. Cammy's crouching strong seemed to be very useful here, dominating a lot of his pokes. It also reminded me of a certain Gen-vs-Guy match, most likely from YouTube, where the Guy player would deliberately and invariably whiff crouching Strongs but counter, at least 70% of the time, all Gen's normal ground moves.