Sunday, 26 December 2010

Punishing Guy's Bushin Gourai Kyaku Super after Guarding

Level 1.
This version is highly unsafe when blocked. Guy is left at an alarming -10, where
Cammy can easily punish.

Recommended action:
- close standing fierce (counter hit) -> Roundhouse Cannon Spike
- crouching Jab-> standing Jab Roundhouse Cannon Spike
- standing Jab (counter hit) -> Fierce Hooligan Combination-> Cross Scissors Pressure-> option select with crouching Roundhouse if he recovery rolls
- VC

Level 2.
The version leaves Guy at only -6 when blocked, but is still vulnerable to a few
Cammy combos.

Recommended action:
- crouching Jab (3F)-> standing Jab-> Roundhouse Cannon Spike
- close standing Strong (4F)-> Roundhouse Cannon Spike
- VC (5F)

Level 3.
Guy is left at -2 after finishing the move so is safe from guaranteed punishment from Cammy. However, as Cammy there are still ways to take advantage of the -2 data.

Recommended action:
One option is to use reversal timing and immediately perform a crouching Short.
This will beat any normal attack that Guy attempts to use after the Super. Since
Cammy's crouching Short executes in 4 frames and Guy is at -2, even his quickest
normal, his 3-frame crouching Jab, will lose to Cammy's Short. Guy might perhaps opt
to try his Forward Hurricane Kick. However, the move takes 13 frames to execute and
Cammy will be able to block the Hurricane Kick, if you reversal-timed correctly. A
warning: if your timing is off by a mere frame, Guy's crouching Jab will
counter-hit Cammy out of her crouching Short and will allow him to combo after into his standing Strong. Timing is crucial.

Action summary:
after blocking the Level 3 Super, use her crouching Short because:

- it beat any normal moves Guy attacks with, though unfortunately this will not be a counter hit
- Cammy will be safe if he performs an immediate Forward Hurricane Kick
- if Guy does none of the above, he is forced to block Cammy's crouching Short

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ITGM said...

Nice tutorial. Guy is my second main char, although it's about how to punish his supers but it still useful for me.