Sunday, 7 September 2008

More notes and stuff

A non-counter hit standing strong as opponents starts a jump from very close then->

A: walk under and crouching Short-> crouching Jab-> Roundhouse Cannon Spike

B: walk under and throw them with the Frankensteiner (2 kick buttons)

C: try and feint the walking under and instead combo or throw them from the front

It should be noted that in the 3rd picture in each of the guide screen shots is where you will decide which option upon to go for. It is very difficult for the opponent to gauge which side you end up on as they land.

Unblockable set-up (corner)-

Jumping Fierce-> close standing Fierce-> Roundhouse Cannon Spike->

If the opponent performs a recovery roll, punish them with a crouching Short-> crouching Jab-> Roundhouse Cannon Spike combo.

From here, you should wait to see if they roll again. If they do, punish them in the same way as described above. However, if the opponent does not roll, you should wait until they have hit the ground and then perform the following:

VC2-> whiffed crouching Short x 5-> jumping Roundhouse-> Roundhouse Cannon Spike->


Close standing Forward seems to have good anti-air capability, especially if used from a close distance. Often opponents would jump at me where I would try and activate an anti-air VC but fail and get the close standing Forward instead, which would do the job just fine.

Far standing Jab (counter) -> Fierce Hooligan Combination VS Shoto hop kick. Does this work? Yes, it does!

VS the hop kick (senpuu kyaku) Cammy can:

- closer, far standing strong-> strong hooligan

- farther away, far standing strong-> fierce hooligan

After dizzying the opponent with the cross-up loop, perhaps whiffing a move which can travel a great distance, will be useful in leaving the opponent as close to the corner as possible when they stand up. Roundhouse Cannon Spike? Roundhouse Spiral Arrow? Or perhaps repeat the loop.

- Consider looking for a new P2 crouch cancel set-up? The current version is hard to execute with consistency.

- Practise the VC1 (17 frame) set-up
I did, and found that though the timing is fairly easy, you must jump in such a way that the first jumping attack and its shadow hits. Otherwise the opponent will not be at optimum height for Cammy to start her CC series.

Higher stun and higher damage version of the cross-up loop:

cross-up Short-> crouching Strong-> Roundhouse Spiral Arrow (2 hits) = 16 points stun.
List of characters for which the above loop will work on.

Guy* (inconsistent; sometimes 3 hits, sometimes 4)
Dan* (though strange cross-up timing)

crouching Strong-> Roundhouse Spiral Arrow when not preceded by a jumping attack will be a 2-hit combo against these characters.

Normal version of the loop:
Cross-up Short-> crouching Short-> Roundhouse Spiral Arrow (2 hits) = 14 points stun.

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