Wednesday, 21 November 2007

Sac-hit Part 2

A step-by-step analysis of the above series of pictures.

Picture 1: Sakura uses her close standing Fierce and cancels into her Fierce Shou Ken
Picture 2: Cammy is knocked down.
Picture 3: Sakura positions herself to land a deep cross-up as Cammy wakes up.
Picture 4: Sakura performs a meaty cross-up on Cammy, but as the initial frame of the Cannon Spike is invincible, Cammy avoids being hit and the cross-up misses.
Picture 5: Cammy is now airborne, and is in an ideal state to -- were Sakura's jumping Forward able to hit -- perform a regular Sac-hit escape.
Picture 6: Cammy performs the Cannon Spike away from Sakura. I think, if the Forward version of the Cannon Spike is used, Cammy launches herself well out of harm's way.

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