Saturday, 24 November 2007

Cammy Evaluation

Reasons why V-Cammy is good choice for high-level play in SFA3:

- long-ranged, damaging VCs, available in anti-air and anti-ground set-ups
- rapid-fire attacks, for hit-confirming.
- a damaging corner VC
- a good normal moveset: standing Roundhouse (guard damage), crouching Forward (reach), cross-up Short, crouching Strong and crouching Roundhouse
- a cross-up loop
- counter hit crouching Strong-> VC is an easy link
- a quick foot-speed
- a true anti-air in the form of her Roundhouse Cannon Spike, which lends itself to setting up okizeme
- a re-charge VC
- a method to escape meaty cross-ups
- can hold her own against the top tier (somewhat).
- can turtle well

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